Who can still get out now, what’s forbidden? | TIME ONLINE

Who can still get out now, what's forbidden? | TIME ONLINE

A ban on contact is not a house arrest: citizens
Citizens in Germany are still allowed to leave the house, for example for
the way to work and back. This also includes attending the required meetings, dates and exams.

But more than two people may not be outside together – it
 unless they are family members. So with
a friend, a friend goes for a walk – but not three. To
wherever possible, a minimum distance of
to adhere to at least 1.5 meters.

In federal states with extensive curfews may also in
justified cases will leave the apartment. For this, a written
Certification from the employer may be necessary. For example, it will be in the city
Mitterteich demands.

Parents who live separately from their children can continue to visit them. The same applies to couples who do not live together. Visits to the dying and after giving birth are also permitted. Shopping, visits to pharmacies and doctors are still permitted; you can also leave the house to refuel, withdraw money, help the needy or take care of pets. Post offices, supermarkets, drugstores and medical supply stores remain open, as are the shops of opticians, hearing care professionals and health practices such as those of physiotherapists.

While in Italy and France you have to write down the reason for this every time you leave the house and have to carry the form with you, So far, it has been enough in Bavaria to make the good reason for the exit “credible”. The written form is not necessary. Also the city of Mitterteich requires the document only from the employer.

Exceptions to the exit ban apply to so-called key persons – i.e. people who perform systemically relevant activities. In addition to doctors and nurses, this includes, for example, fire and rescue workers.


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