We have to stay awake and discuss TIME ONLINE

We have to stay awake and discuss TIME ONLINE

“Who is sovereign over the state of emergency is sovereign
decides. “Maybe we’ll come with you Carl Schmitt not against Corvid-19,
but the virus still gives reason between all podcasts with that
sympathetic virologist Christian Drosten once again Schmitts Political theology
to read that lifts up with this famous phrase. And if not to Carl Schmitt,
then we could look at Giorgio Agamben, who in his Homo-sacer-Work with
Schmitt’s dictum described the structures of totalitarian power in the 20th century
and also currently before their at least trace return in the present means
to be able to warn
. Sometimes he shoots past the target, and that’s it
currently both highly problematic and yet relevant to debates.

This was how Agamben felt at the beginning of the Italian corona epidemic
still sure that we’re dealing with a state of emergency in the dangerous sense
have the risk less in the viruses than in the
Restrictive virulence of the state saw. He denounced an approach that the
hollowing out basic civil values ​​and rights and a state of emergency in the
Normality threatens to change because of something that is little more than one
Flu. Agamben would probably have done it differently a week later
formulated, but before that, just like Agamben jumped politically left
standing in the way of philosopher Slavoj Žižek and moving things a bit
rightly: “Agamben’s reaction is only the outermost form
a widespread attitude on the left. That through the spread
The ‘excessive panic’ caused by the virus is said to have a dual purpose
serve to exercise power on people through social control
on the other hand to make racism socially acceptable (‘blame China’). This
The virus treats social interpretation as a construct and
completely hides the reality of the danger. ”

Even if you don’t Agamben’s assessment
shares, even strictly rejects, contributions like his are important for us
stay awake and discuss what’s currently happening. At its core, it’s about the simple question of how positive
Freedom is negative, that is freedom to do something, freedom,
to be saved from something. As a simple rule of thumb you can say: The
Freedom of the one ends where the freedom of the other is violated. Or
as the left-liberal thinker Judith Shklar puts it: “Every adult
Man should be able to fear so many without fear and prejudice
Make decisions about as many aspects of his life as it does with the same
Freedom of every other adult is compatible. “But since we are dealing with a complex situation,
where the hidden future plays an important role again
plays, it is not so easy to answer where exactly the limit

There is currently no sabotage or alarmism
helpful, but the fair questioning of the funds. That’s exactly what one does
free society, even in exceptional times. conspiracy theories
and reflexive, undifferentiated distrust of the state has never been special
helpful. Also everyone who is now on the radical left from the system crash
hope, you have to reply: Excellent recognition, times of crisis can happen
lead to the destabilization that is favorable for a coup. Indeed
the extreme right have already figured it out. And sure is Agambens
Warning not wrong on this point: getting used to a state of emergency with
Restrictions on the usual freedoms are more likely to make you accept one
authoritarian state before than on anarchy.

You could do agamben against agamben again
read. The state of emergency, before which he returns these days
warned he did in his major project Homo sacer Yes exactly
examined. It is about Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which by
excessive use became almost the norm during the Weimar Republic and
finally through the emergency decree of National Socialist rule
replaced. The state of emergency was “no longer on an external and provisional
Situation related to factual danger and tends[e] with the standard itself
to be confused “.

It’s a paradoxical reassurance when you notice
can: Exactly that is not the case at the moment, because there is a real danger
Yes. Also are the restrictions on customary civil rights, of which
Restriction of freedom of movement until non-compliance with postal secrecy, in
In the event of an epidemic anchored in constitutional law. So there are clear limits
and the evaluation of movement data, for example, cannot be easy, because one looks at it
comfortably accustomed to being used for other purposes. His
This is the only way Agamben can compare to the current situation in Italy
accomplish that he is the real life threat from the epidemic
Spread of the virus runs out, negates and if not to fake news then
but declared to be exaggerated scaremongering. This is doubly annoying because for
one is trivialization of a real and not just a constructed pandemic
dangerous. On the other hand, we currently need everything to protect the
People before the virus counts, just a keen eye for them
Dynamics of state power so as not to end up in the event of actual abuse
to be lulled. But such a look has to be precise.

An equally relevant difference between
today’s and in Homo sacer analyzed historical situation
shows itself in the grip of the then National Socialist state power on the
bare life that was allowed to be killed and killed in the concentration camps
has been. Exactly the opposite relationship between state power and people
is expressed in the measures that are currently in place to protect every individual life
be implemented. More appropriate than all-round distrust of the state
Action in epidemic times is the question of whether protection and value of life
may be subject to restrictions. Is a national calculation at the
Distribution of urgently needed medical aids has long since ceased
anachronistic? Protecting your own population must not be an excuse
become less valued of others’ lives. Whether trying to live
protect, succeed, will be catastrophic especially in places like that crowded
Refugee camp in Lesbos
demonstrate. If we look away there, we are called
solidary community fail.

As little as it is currently about
Boycotting or disavowing current precautions so much
there are extraordinary restrictions on civil rights in democratic,
liberal societies. Therefore we should balance the state
Demonstrate power and civil liberties – not just that
happens what Agamben warns of, namely a gentle glide over one
Exceptional situation with certain restrictions in a normal state
or a later abuse of this exceptional situation
actually anti-free, anti-liberal rule desires. Free after
Motto: People have got used to it now, so keep it up! Such one
Thinking always makes more sense than the next hamster purchase.


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