“We are currently experiencing a cultural break” TIME ONLINE

"We are currently experiencing a cultural break" TIME ONLINE

Hamburg’s Senator for Culture Carsten Brosda has a new job: instead
To promote culture, he now has to organize help for those who have culture
have produced and may not in the next few weeks and possibly months
can do more. A conversation about the big cultural break – and what from it
could follow

ZEIT ONLINE: You are currently conferencing by phone every day
Cultural institutions and their representatives. Where does the shoe press on?

Carsten Brosda: All over. It ranges from individual artists
Artists who suddenly lack income from one day to the next
Theater companies that are short of huge sums of money. That’s why
it’s also about speed. First of all we have to secure liquidity –
we have set up an extensive program for this today.

ZEIT ONLINE: Who are you most worried about right now?

Brosda: I don’t want to specify that. I make myself
Worried that we could lose structures that have grown in many places. We
Where we are already promoting, we need to secure structures and balance
create – but above all we have to help those who have not so far
be continuously promoted.

ZEIT ONLINE: Who do you mean?

Brosda: All those, for example, with individuals
Exhibitions, appearances, projects and occasionally a donation or
of project funding often live on the precarious border. There it becomes whole
quickly very difficult. We cannot leave people there alone –
Of course, you can also rely on basic security for the self-employed
and should do that too. This is currently being simplified considerably. But we
also need stop lines in front of it – for example emergency aid for solo self-employed,
which we are now proposing, and the aids that have been announced by the federal government.

ZEIT ONLINE: There are cultural areas that are better organized – those
Music organizers shared this with the city about ten years ago
Club foundation founded, which can now act as a rescuer in need. Absence
such foundations now in other areas? It needs a hamburger
Gallery or theater foundation?

Brosda: Such structures help. And we have them in others too
Areas. At theaters, for example, we have funding guidelines with which
we can work. At the galleries, on the other hand, we are more likely to use programs
of the Hamburg Investment and Promotional Bank (IFB). The IFB fits theirs
Structures based on the current situation, there will be applications next week
can provide for immediate liquidity aid. And hopefully then
the federal programs too, so that we can reach everyone. Also: also for
Companies in the cultural sector have the option of short-time work. This should
one use. You don’t have to fire people now. You should see the staff
hold so that it can start again quickly.


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