The bet of his life TIME ONLINE

The bet of his life TIME ONLINE

How is the Corona outbreak changing Germany? Our reporter Henning Sußebach describes this in the series “From another country”. Which places he still gets to, with whom he can talk (if the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute are adhered to) is less due to him than to the circumstances. This crisis is also new to journalists; hardly anyone has experience – every citizen is a layperson as well as an expert. If you would like to inform our reporter of the consequences of the Corona outbreak and what is happening in your area, write to him:

Only remain
a few more days before Enno Glantz has to place a bet. A bet on
the future, probably the greatest of his life, although he
is already 75 years old. In the past decades the future was for
many Germans something more predictable, a privilege that even a
Farmer like Enno Glantz enjoyed the weather. March followed
April with sun, rain and warmth, ideal conditions, roots and plants
to let it grow. All of this will be the case again this year. And yet must
Glantz decide whether, as is usually the case,
to plant two and a half million strawberry seedlings in his fields.

would be a bet on 620 hectares of land.

would be a sign of hope.


May I need 1,000 harvest workers from Eastern Europe, “says Glantz
not sure if he gets even one.

the pity for the farmer Glantz would not be particularly great if this article had been published a few weeks ago, before Corona, at a time when
old reflexes took hold. For example: then strawberries from Spain.
Or: Such a large farmer has certainly earned enough in his life.

Enno Glantz is known as the strawberry king in northern Germany. He manages huge
Fields in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. His bright red
Strawberry houses stand in front of supermarkets in all northern federal states, bases of an agricultural empire that extends to Saxony-Anhalt.
Rent Glantz every spring
Recruiters complete restaurants in Eastern Poland to spend days there
To conduct job interviews. Like strawberry plants year after year
the business grew.

Enno Glantz will be based in Delingsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, in March 2020
House that is so big that you can easily have two while talking to him
Can keep meters away. Everywhere castle-like bonds, a lot of gold applications, carpets, furniture
with lion feet and at the apex of an elliptical table the host
Glantz, tall, straight, gray-haired. Outside, in front of the windows, his fields. With
to the organ of a commander, Glantz speaks sentences that do not fall into the
Prosperity backdrop fit. Cereals and potatoes would do this year too
hardly become scarce because machines have long replaced people when harvesting.
But who will climb the apple trees? Who Pick Tomatoes? Who pick up cucumbers from the arable land? And who should transport the harvest if there is a harvest?


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