That was really very scary TIME ONLINE

That was really very scary TIME ONLINE

The ARD Sunday evening thriller rarely plays where it is
most people live where the money is not so plentiful, but rather scarce.
Take one crime scene but once that
Excursion in milieus that cannot be represented too much in the media
it would be as uncomfortable as it was two weeks ago in Ludwigshafen.
Then there is bathing with pleasure in the dirt as one imagines it.

Matthias Dell has been writing weekly about “Tatort” and “Polizeiruf 110” since 2010. On ZEIT ONLINE since 2016 in the column “The autopsy report”.
© Daniel Seiffert

The new Cologne episode is in this sense Never without me

(WDR editor: Götz Bolten) then almost a surprise. She mostly plays
among people who rely on transfer payments and do so without
Devaluation to perform. For this, more or less inconspicuous notices become
interwoven from empiricism: “In Germany only one in four pays
The full amount for your own children “,
someone from the youth welfare office says.

The victim of Janze is an employee of this youth welfare office,
who listened to the name Monika Fellner (Melanie Straub) and as a tough bitch
was true, as they say. The Fellner climbed the defaulter on the roof –
what this crime scene (Book: Jürgen Werner, director: Nina Wolfrum) takes literally.

Monika Fellner gives the non-paying driver at the wheel
passing by earning Stefan Krömer, who lives separately from his wife and child
(Gerdy Zint) a visit in front of a picturesque backdrop – in the background the
Cologne Cathedral the picture with all its force. Of course that’s a little silly
but interesting for another reason: the victim is still shown in action and only after eight
Minutes killed. Which clearly creates more connection to the case than if
the body would be lying around somewhere in the first thirty seconds.

With this for the Cologne standardcrime scene but the tone is set for a relatively detailed introduction.
The suspect ballet dances here in full splendor for Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) and Fab Five Freddy (Dietmar Bär) around, and for a long time too
yet without losing the odeur of potential perpetration.

Next to Stefan Krömer, who is throwing the Fellner from the roof
threatened and otherwise did not give the impression of the most relaxed
Counting contemporaries would be: Rainer Hildebrandt, Uwe Schneider again
times when Don Quixote is playing social advancement, which to keep silent
(black money) and has lost (the children). With Hildebrandt sets
the film on, he has been dependent on Hartz IV since the woman broke up
and with the kids in that, these are really bad contrasts,
Top pool villa is pulled by her boss.

The third candidate is Ingrid Kugelmeier (Anna Böger),
a colleague of the dead who threatened the final warning because she – different
when the rigorous Fellner – had closed his eyes at the
Allocation of funds. In addition to the three, Erik Siepen (Orlando Lenzen) is also involved in the investigation. He lives as the father of Tülay Firats (Yeliz Simsek)
Baby in the same apartment, but without admitting paternity (with it
the office pays).


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