March 9, 2021
actor with mobile name

List Of Celebrity And The Mobile They Use In 2020

Celebrity With Their Smartphones List

Like every youngsters , each and every celebrity be it from bollywood,tv or sports field has craze for smartphones . Most of the actor actress and cricketers endorse mobile brands and they use their mobiles .

Fans always wants to know little bit more about their favorite actress and actors . So here we have comes up with the smartphones name which the celebs use .

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List Of Btown Actors Cricketers With Mobiles

actor with mobile name
actor with mobile name
  1. Amitabh Bachhan – Iphone

    The star of the century mahanayak Amitabh bachhanĀ  is an active social media user on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Big B was spotted posting his tweets using an Apple device. Follow him on twitter to get more info about him .

  2. Sahrukh Khan – Nokia Lumia

    Romance King Sahrukh Khan, the heartthrob of many people in India, is a big fan of Blackberry. But, recently he was caught using the latest windows phone which is Nokia Lumia. He has also Iphone and Ipad . Most of his family memeber use Iphone .

  3. Aamir Khan – Samsung

    The Mr. Perfectionist has a different taste for mobiles . He is the ambassador of Android powered Samsung phones, and also uses one. He always does something different from the usual. He is very famous for his unique role in different movies . He is not that much active on social media .

  4. Virat Kohli – Iphone

    He is one of the gratest batsman of all time and role models of millions of youngsters all over the world . He use Iphone . He is very active on social media like twitter and instagram .

  5. M.S Dhoni – Iphone The most successful captain of India Mahendra Singh Dhoni use Iphone . He is the chief architect of World Cup Final 2011 . He and his wife Sakhsi Dhoni are very active on Instagram . Check out them on Insta .
actor with mobile name
actor with mobile name

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