Rushing and swastikas – every day TIME ONLINE

Rushing and swastikas - every day TIME ONLINE

On February 19, ten people were murdered in the city of Hanau in Hesse. “Never again” was the demand immediately after the
right-wing extremist act. And yet every day there is agitation, insults and attacks on
People with a migration background. We documented a chronicle of these incidents two weeks after the fact. Here is the sequel. A lot of things don’t go public, some things
not even reported to the police.
The list is therefore as incomplete as it is unsettling.

2nd March: At the state chair of Berliners
Left, Christine Schubert, receives a threatening email. It says they will “stab” them because they are “dirty”
Deploy asylum seekers, write the taz.
According to the report, the mail is signed with “Wolfszeit 2.0”, last
Several politicians had already received threats, which were signed with a wolf symbol
were among them the Green MEP Erik Marquardt. Whether there is a connection between the different letters
is still unclear.

2nd March: The soccer game in the amateur league is a
Player of the SG Freimersheim repeatedly insulted racially. According to one
Report of the Mannheim morning breaks
the coach then starts the game and sends his team into the cabin.
The club has announced that it will file a complaint. It was only on Saturday before
U19 players of the amateur team Sandersdorf-Thalheim in Saxony-Anhalt from
Viewers of the opposing team have been discriminated against racially,
reports the Central German newspaper.

3 March: Distribute in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia
apparently members of the Identity Movement flyer at three schools, reports
the Rheinische Post. In the
Leaflets speak of “integration as a lie” and “exchange of the
Peoples “- a conspiracy theory from right-wing extremist circles. The police have
the investigation forwarded to the state security.

3 March: In the Mecklenburg municipality of Jatznick
Unknowns smear a building with swastikas and the number 88, one
well-known neo-Nazi symbol. There is property damage of around 2,000 euros. The
State protection determined.

3 March: The State Criminal Police Office of Saxony poses during a raid
a compressed air gun and storage media at a 64-year-old from Dresden. He had previously posted right-wing extremist hate posts on the Internet and
anti-constitutional symbols used. The man admitted the deeds
reports the MDR.

3 March: 14 soldiers and employees
the armed forces are used by the Military Shield Service as extremists
classified, eight of them as right-wing extremists. That goes from one
MAD’s annual report, from which the German press agency quotes.

4th of March: Like the Berliner Daily mirror

so many anti-Semitic crimes were reported in Germany in 2019
committed as not since 2001. According to the Federal government were
nationwide 1,839 offenses
registered. That corresponds to about five crimes per day.

4th of March: After the party’s rights last
Year election posters with titles like “Stop Zionism!” and “We don’t just hang out
Had released posters “, the public prosecutor initially refused to
To initiate an investigation. The Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court has the decision
now cashed and instructed to initiate investigations. That reports the Southgerman newspaper.


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