North Korea fires short-range missiles | TIME ONLINE

North Korea fires short-range missiles | TIME ONLINE

North Korea fired two short-range missiles, according to the South Korean military. That reported the South Korean news agency Yonhap citing the General Staff. The shooting was carried out in the northern province of Pyongan. There were no details about the range and height at first.

Just two weeks ago, the North Korean military fired several rounds. According to Japanese information, these cases were probably also ballistic missiles. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea, which describes itself as a nuclear power, from testing ballistic ones

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un had announced at the beginning of the year that it would no longer adhere to the moratorium on nuclear tests and tests on ICBMs. He also threatened that North Korea would soon launch a “new strategic weapon”.

The regime in Pyongyang has for years been driving the development of missiles that could be equipped with nuclear warheads. It is therefore subject to harsh international sanctions. The nuclear talks between North Korea and the US have been making no headway since a failed summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump in February last year. Kim had hoped in vain to lift sanctions after his moratorium on nuclear and missile tests.


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