Karoline Preisler: “Always a safe distance!” | TIME ONLINE

Karoline Preisler: "Always a safe distance!" | TIME ONLINE

Karoline Preisler has become infected with the novel corona virus. She is sealed off in the hospital, barely breathes and sleeps poorly. The FDP politician helps the loneliness against the loneliness, which she publishes on Twitter.

THE TIME: Ms. Preisler, you have been in the hospital for a few days. How are you?

Karoline Preisler: When I got to the clinic, I was terrible. I thought I was suffocating. Here I get oxygen and medication for shortness of breath. But I eat poorly, have lost weight and have circulatory problems. Even if I feel better, I will stay isolated for longer. This is cruel. Time just drips by. I can hardly sleep, only about three hours at night.

TIME: Why?

Preisler: Because I can’t breathe. Since I don’t get oxygen all the time, I walk up and down in the room so that I don’t get thrombosis. I can say it by heart: the space is eight steps, ten steps long. Here I only have contact with a limping pigeon on my windowsill and with hooded, but very nice, competent doctors and nurses. The hospital here in Stralsund is prepared, has the best medical professionals and impresses me every day.

TIME: You were the top candidate in the FDP in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the 2019 European elections, are lawyers, her husband is an FDP member of the Bundestag. On twitter let the country participate in your corona disease. How so?

Preisler: After getting infected, I didn’t find any detailed reports on the course of the disease. It just didn’t exist, I wanted to change that. But keeping a diary also gives me something: I am isolated from the outside world and that is precisely why I am moved by the many people who take part and build me up. In return, I hope that I can give some courage.

TIME: Whoever follows you on Twitter can see that your family is currently divided, but still together.

Preisler: My husband and three young children are at home, one is eleven and the twins are nine. We are on the phone all the time, video chat via FaceTime. The fact that my husband can be with them while I’m away was not a matter of course.

TIME: He was also infected with Corona.

Preisler: He was even the first of us to ski in Austria. When he came back he spent a Sunday with me. At first he had no symptoms, only during the day did he get a cold. I said: You have to get tested tomorrow! So he followed Berlin, took the underground car park to the Bundestag and went straight to the nurse. The result came two days later: positive. He was put in quarantine in Berlin.

TIME: And you were at home in Barth with your children?

Preisler: Yes. When I got the call that it had tested positive, I was on my way. I immediately contacted everyone I had been in close contact with. None of my contacts was tested positive, not even my children.

TIME: How did the test work for you?

Preisler: I immediately informed the health department and went to quarantine with my children at home. It was hard for them, Corona is a huge topic at school. A diffuse fear suddenly became real. The children cried a lot. But when the health department employees came, fully masked, it was also a bit of an adventure. We got the result in less than ten hours. It made me feel really dirty.


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