It’s particularly bad on Fridays TIME ONLINE

It's particularly bad on Fridays TIME ONLINE

Friday afternoon,
Early March, it’s late summer in Santiago de Chile. Nicole Kramm, 30, is sitting
across the street from us in a cafe near the eye clinic, where they have one
Had an appointment. “It was just after eleven in the evening. It was on the street
completely peaceful, “says the award-winning photographer and
Documentary filmmaker and always touches the big pavement
her face. “There was no protest and no barricades, otherwise we would have
Goggles worn. I had my camera visibly in my hands. It was
no accident. “On New Year’s Eve, from the Kramm here about two months later
According to reports, she lost 90 to 95 percent through a rubber bullet from the police
of her eyesight in the left eye.

The bleeding eye was
by this time it had long become a symbol of the violence with which the
conservative government of Sebastián Piñera on the nationwide uprisings in
responds. The #OjosRojos can be found as graffiti on house walls and are created using
red-smeared blindfolds integrated into dance performances. Nicole Kramm also documents her eye injury artistically on her Instagram account.

They started
Uprisings in October 2019 with student protests against fare increases in the
Public transport services. Large sections of the population showed solidarity with the
President declared the state of emergency and sent that military on the
Road. “For weeks I had photographed people who took part in the protests
Have lost an eye, “says Nicole Kramm.” You just don’t expect that
it catches you. ”

Two hours
later in the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM), a cultural center not far from here
the Plaza Italia, where there have been violent clashes every day since October
is coming. “That night I was at the gate with two colleagues,” says
Sebastian. “Suddenly we hear shots, several in a row, and people catch
to scream Médico !, Médico! We run and see a woman with the
Hand lying on the floor in front of your face. We saw the blood and knew
immediately what had happened. ”

Sebastian is 23
Years old, sports teacher in training and member of the Brigada Usach
(Universidad de Santiago de Chile). The group consists of about 25 people,
all volunteers, 80 percent women. One of them, Constanza, took over the psychological on New Year’s Eve
Supervision by Nicole Kramm. “She panicked and cried. I held her hands to calm her down. Then it was twelve. Nicole was the one
first person I hugged in the new year. ”

Half past five, soon
the evening skirmishes will start outside. It’s mostly on Fridays
particularly bad, and now, after the end of the summer vacation and before voting on
a new constitution, which at this point has not yet been postponed from April to October due to the Corona, everyone expects even more

Sebastián is part of the rescue team that is on the road after wounded
Look out. Without a helmet, gas mask and safety goggles, no one can go out of the team
on the street. Sebastián bought the bulletproof vest himself. “The
Police have shot me several times, twice I became easy
wounded. They claim that they are just rubber bullets, but they usually contain
Steel cores. They also shoot with plastic and shot, we can see that here
every night on the wounds. ”

The medical team
the Brigada always stays at the GAM. This Friday they are with three doctors and
five nurses well positioned. Located in a corner of the vestibule
the area in which the patient is being cared for first. On the ground
there are gymnastics mats, it smells of disinfectants. Medication and
Bandage material is available, everything financed by donations.

Lucia is over
fifty and lecturer at the university. It refers to the special approach of the
Brigada Usach. “Everything in the clinics is all about the medical
Treatment. Here we also pay attention to the mental state of the patient.
We treat them with great care. The injured person will never
left alone.”


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