Domestic violence: “I have brought myself to safety. The children are fine”

Domestic violence: "I have brought myself to safety. The children are fine"

Because of the corona virus always go
more people in quarantine at home. But what if exactly that puts them in danger
brings? According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, every third woman suffers at least once
physical violence in their lives – a large part of them are the
own partner or ex-partner who strikes

In China and Italy exists since
Beginning of quarantine, more cases of domestic violence. And also
fear in this country Women’s associations an increase. Karina Felber * is a social worker,
she works in a women’s shelter in Munich – a home where women are temporarily
can live with their children when they are at home in the shared apartment
with the partner are at risk. Here she tells what she advises women to do
contact her for help now.

ZEIT ONLINE: Are more women currently turning to you than usual?

Karina Felber: It is too early to see a trend. We expect
but with the fact that soon more women will contact us,
at the latest when there is a curfew. Then people can too
No longer avoiding home – and in our experience it takes on
such moments, for example during long holidays, the violence in
Families too.

ZEIT ONLINE: Why is there more violence on holidays or possibly in
the quarantine?

Felber: Usually due to the cramped situation at home. Many of our clients lived there in a confined space,
for example in a two-room apartment with a partner and three children.
When the daycare or school is closed and everyone is sitting around at home, the stress level increases. In addition, the balance that normally relaxes people, such as sports, often disappears during these times. Then conflicts escalate faster.

ZEIT ONLINE: What would you advise if a couple knew: We’re sitting now
longer on each other and in the relationship there is a lot of argument anyway

Felber: It depends on the degree of escalation. A couple that often
arguing, arguing maybe more now. But that doesn’t mean
that someone is getting palpable. If the argument is worse than usual
I advise you to look for retreat in the apartment. The
usually helps. One should also have major policy discussions
postpone another time. Better not old barrels now
open up, so to speak.

ZEIT ONLINE: And if the previously verbal or psychological
Violence Become Violence?

Felber: Then we can only advise you to immediately turn on the police. Despite
everything. A so-called removal order can also be obtained quickly during these times of crisis,
So that the partner must not come too close to you. Then he would have to
Leave home and stay somewhere else. He should join the house of the
Then no longer approach woman. If he disregards this, the police would intervene.
Or the woman moves in with us with the children. Here she gets protection, she
can feel safe and everyone can calm down.

ZEIT ONLINE: How do women usually come to you?

Felber: Either a woman calls on her own or she is called by
sent to us in different places. For example
Educational counseling centers, schools or kindergartens. Even doctors,
Clinics and other social services mediate the women to us. And every now and then
Again employers, just like the private circle of friends. It
also happens that relatives say: “Register there, look for yourself
Help, it’s not as good as it is with you. “Our number is in

ZEIT ONLINE: How is this continuing?

Felber: When the women call, we clarify on the phone like that
Situation is. And what the woman needs. Domestic violence physical or
psychological is the admission requirement in one Women’s shelter, Next
other aspects such as residence status. Whoever escaped and one
Asylum applications can only be accepted in certain cases. However, not every woman wants a place in the women’s shelter right away, but want many
get advice first.


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