Coronavirus: Jens Spahn announces emergency aid for clinics

Coronavirus: Jens Spahn announces emergency aid for clinics

Billions of dollars in aid are to prevent German clinics from getting into financial difficulties due to the corona crisis. This is to be ensured by legal plans that the cabinet launched on Monday. Health Minister Jens Spahn announced the details on Monday. The points at a glance:

  • For each bed now kept free, there should be a daily flat rate of 560 euros.

  • For every new intensive care treatment unit with artificial ventilation, clinics should receive a 50,000 euro bonus.

  • In order to compensate for additional costs for protective equipment, for example, for the period from April to the end of June there should also be a surcharge of initially 50 euros for each patient.

The background to this is that hospitals should initially suspend operations and new admissions that can be planned, if medically justifiable. This is intended to free up capacities in order to be prepared for many corona patients with more severe disease courses. In addition, the number of 28,000 intensive care beds to date will be doubled. The federal government calculates only for the compensation of the postponement of scheduled OPs with possible additional expenditure of 2.8 billion euros.

“It will still be difficult”

The package also stipulates that students who help to overcome the crisis do not have to count the wages against their student loans. They shouldn’t be punished for their efforts, said Spahn. Medical students are particularly affected. “It will still be difficult,” said the minister. “This epidemic remains a major challenge.”

In rapid training, staff are prepared to intervene in an emergency in an emergency if necessary. “The best bed capacity is of no use to the hospital if there are no staff.”

The cabinet had previously adopted an unprecedented aid package to support families, tenants, employees, the self-employed, and businesses. To this end, the cabinet decided on a supplementary budget with a new debt of around 156 billion euros.

In a telephone booth, the federal and state governments had already agreed on Sunday afternoon to decide on a comprehensive ban on contact. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the state premiers agreed on a nine-point plan that, among other things, stipulates that gatherings of more than two people who do not live together in a household should be temporarily prohibited.

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