Coronavirus: Gal Gadot and other celebrities defy the quarantine

Coronavirus: Gal Gadot and other celebrities defy the quarantine

Singers, actors, and other artists are also affected by the novel corona virus, and many of them also suffer from isolation from the outside world – including the Israeli actress Gal Gadot. The 34-year-old has been in a self-quarantine for six days, said in a video published on Instagram.

During that time she had philosophized a lot about the virus and the world and had been inspired by an Italian who, in turn, played the trumpet in quarantine on a balcony – and that John Lennon-Song Sends “Imagine” into the world. The performance was “powerful and pure,” said Gadot. Reason enough for them to take on the musician.

For a video with a personal performance of “Imagine”, she cut together small snippets from more than 20 different celebrities who all sing a few bars of the song, which is supposed to spread hope. A virtual greeting, without any physical contact. You can see among other things Natalie Portman, Zoe Kravitz, Jimmy Fallon, Norah Jones and Lynda Carterwhich, like Gadot, has also already been shown in film as “Wonder Woman”:

Colleague Kristen Bell in the meantime also passes on the help of their children in the crisis. They wanted to participate in a donation for a program against starving children – and they looted their piggy bank. So another important $ 7.96 has been added.

They seem to be concerned about what a quarantine can mean for living together at home. In any case, she spread the following picture with the words: “The truth”.

German celebrities have also commented on the restrictions caused by the virus. Ex football official Reiner Calmund told the dpa news agency that he was now more at home than usual: “As far as the job is concerned, all of my planned lectures, whether at trade fairs, in front of school heads or in front of companies, have been posted.” Family life is also restricted: “I now have six children and four grandchildren, and I call more often than usual. In addition, our little daughter is not currently able to go to school, so they rely on home sharing.”

Regarding the fact that many Germans want to face the crisis by buying hamsters, the 71-year-old said: “People are afraid. But through the government’s declarations that supermarkets will stay open, I hope that people will become more sensible.”

Despite his age, Calmund doesn’t worry much about his own health. “Of course I take the information from the authorities seriously, and I was operated on six weeks ago. But I am supplied with all current values.” For three and a half years he has been measuring his pulse in the morning and late in the evening and whether he has a fever and is adequately supplied with oxygen – all current values ​​are good.

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