Corona virus: Freiburg issues restricted curfew

Freiburg has a curfew due to the corona pandemic. The city itself spoke of an “entry ban” for public places, which is to apply from March 21 to April 3. With this drastic measure, the spread of the corona virus should be contained, the city said on Thursday evening. The reason for this is the dramatic situation of the neighboring French region of Grand-Est, which also includes Alsace.

According to the city, the ban means that public places may no longer be entered. The house or apartment should only be left for urgent matters. If you want to be outdoors, you should only do it alone, in pairs or with people who live in your own household. A minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be kept from all other people. But you can still go to work or the doctor and buy groceries. The current restrictions would initially apply for two weeks.

“We are aware that this serious decision will have significant restrictions on the life of Freiburg,” said Mayor Martin Horn. “But as things stand today, protecting the population has to take precedence over all other considerations. A clear cut for a short time is better than a delay of weeks and months.”

Almost a week ago, the city of Freiburg and the neighboring districts prohibited all events from 50 participants until April 20. But again and again people would not have kept to this general decree and would not have restricted their contacts to others. Especially with the spring-like temperatures, many citizens spend their free time outdoors in public places, in parks and green areas. The recommended distance between people is often not kept.

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