Comes a space cowboy ridden into the village TIME ONLINE

Comes a space cowboy ridden into the village TIME ONLINE

Note: This text is an expanded version of the review from the current issue of ZEIT.

The biggest problem with Starwars is that this
The franchise is constantly running after itself. Every new film in the series
must always refer to the glorious past to the many
Not to scare away fans, but at the same time something
Dare something new so as not to become boring and redundant. That this
Tension is terribly exhausting for everyone involved –
for both filmmakers and film viewers – one could think of the
last films of the third Starwars– Watch the trilogy. First the old films were retold almost one to one (The awakening of power), then everything was questioned Starwars has to be (The last Jedi), and finally, very clumsily, attempts were made to repair all contradictions (The rise of Skywalkers).

That is with The Mandalorian different, the new one Starwars-Series
 and at the same time the crown jewel of the Disney + straming service.
March starts in Germany and a new one of the eight every week
Consequences of The Mandalorian puts online. The first alone
Episode is also shown on German free TV on ProSieben, at best
 Broadcast time on Sunday evening, a curious advertising measure.

That it is the problems mentioned by Starwars at The Mandalorian
does not exist, is because the serial makers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni understand very well what the original charm of Starwars
made out. At the same time, they still have (or precisely because of that?)
for your project of the overall story in the film trilogies
 the Skywalker family and eliminated the struggle of the rebellion against that
Empire banished to the background. In short: nobody wants to
blow up some super weapons in this series, nobody asks
who is actually whose father now. And the power of the Jedi is coming
 before, but in shrunken form and more with a humorous effect.

 oh what, the obvious star of the series is Baby Yoda, a very
cute baby version of that species, Master Yoda from the Starwars-Urtrilogy
 listened to. Actually you don’t want to reveal that at this point because
 technically it is a spoiler and because the first
Appearance of the little man is surprisingly pleasant. But
let’s be honest, everyone knows about it anyway spends enough time on the Internet. The Mandalorian started in the U.S. in November 2019, and Baby Yoda (in the best Starwars-Tradition
 a small animatronic doll, costing five million dollars)
has long since become a pop culture phenomenon and memes.

At first you want to dismiss it as a funny side effect. But in the face of the now opened Streaming Wars, the battle of the platforms
 for the largest audience, the network culture and thus a figure seems like
 Baby Yoda to gain even greater importance – in order for that
to give appropriate attention.

Is not he cute? Baby Yoda, freshly jumping out of his stroller.
© Lucasfilm / Disney +

This baby
at least the title-giving Mandalorian, a bounty hunter and
A member of a warrior caste that never takes off their helmets (under
that of the hero is Pedro Pascal) to the remains
of the battered empire. More precisely: a kind of imperial
Ex-General Werner Herzog is playing (we are in the
Chronology of film counting after Return of the Jedi).

 even the bounty hunter, who himself became an orphan early on,
cannot resist the cuteness of the lonely baby and embarks
himself with the being on the run through the universe. That the
Mandalorian wants to protect the child on the one hand, but on the other hand
is absolutely wrong for the job – he is just a killer, not one
Protector -, the series draws tension and humor at the same time.
One looks on in disbelief once he has the child in his ship
leaves and goes alone or other times the baby on one
 deadly mission. “Mando! A little more care please,” one wants to shout at the screen. But she has to do something
Figure yes grow on their way to a worth seeing finale.

Something surprising is happening in this series, which has nothing to do with the story itself: The Mandalorian leaves the terrain of serial storytelling in the middle episodes of the first season and turns into a kind adventure-of-the-week-show,
 into a space western with self-contained adventures. From then on
the series is more reminiscent of classics of linear television from the
80s and 90s, on shows like A team, MacGyver, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who.
 Every week our space cowboy rides into a new village and meets
 a new villain. He just has a cute alien baby with him.

Starwars was always inspired by the stories themselves
 George Lucas loved the adventures of Flash Gordon
Aviation fights of old world war films. Han Solo and the Jedi would have
 never existed without western and samurai films. Since corresponds The Mandalorian
the charm of the original films, of course. And then is
but much smaller and more humorous than in the
past years of Starwars was used to. As if they had
 Series makers simply denied the compulsion to do something big, epic
make it just because of it Starwars is. You can be brave
call. However, Disney has a lot to offer
tried to exploit the treasure on which the group with Starwars sits. For now, all you have to do is quote the Mandalorian caste motto: This is the way. The second season of the series has already been commissioned.

The first episode of “The Mandalorian” will air on March 22nd at 8:15 pm on ProSieben. At the start of Disney + on March 24th, the first two episodes of the series will be available on the streaming portal, from March 27th there will be a new episode every Friday.


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