AfD excludes Wolfgang Gedeon from party | TIME ONLINE

AfD excludes Wolfgang Gedeon from party | TIME ONLINE

The Baden-Wuerttemberg MP Wolfgang Gedeon has to AfD leave. This was decided by the party’s Federal Arbitration Court, which had to rule on the 72-year-old’s behavior that would harm the party.

AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen described the decision of the arbitral tribunal as “an overdue, correct and important sign”. This would once again make it clear that there is no room for in the AfD
Give anti-Semites. Gedeon said the party with its “anti-Israel
and inflicted severe damage on anti-Semitic positions for years “.

Gedeon has long been criticized for his statements. In 2018 he had Book Ich, the AfD and anti-Semitism: populism or courage to truth
publishes and describes in it about his theses about a
“Zionist conspiracy”. He also trivialized the Holocaust as
Shameful acts “and Holocaust deniers as” dissidents “.

There was resistance within the party when he called it a “strategic
Mistake “when a group of Jewish AfD members
merged. Gedeon said it was “the worst
Case of a Zionist lobby organization that interests
Runs counter to Germany and the Germans “.

Gedeon can now file a lawsuit against his expulsion in a state court. In 2018, he had lost a lawsuit against the President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, at the Berlin Regional Court. Since then, the politician has been publicly referred to as a Holocaust denier


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