Woody Allen’s Autobiography Released in the USA | TIME ONLINE

Woody Allen's Autobiography Released in the USA | TIME ONLINE

The Autobiography by US director Woody Allen has been released in the USA. The publication was not announced. The New York publisher Arcade Publishing had the rights to Allen’s book Speaking of nothing secured. The publisher wrote in a statement that the work was an “open and comprehensive personal accountability” of everyone.

Numerous protests preceded the publication. About the cult director’s autobiography (The city neurotic, Manhattan) has been arguing for weeks. The background is allegations by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow that he had sexually abused her in 1992 when she was seven.

Because of the protests, the publishing house Hachette, at Speaking of nothing was originally scheduled to appear in early March and returned the rights to the book to Allen. Numerous employees of the publishing house had protested the project. Allen’s adoptive son Ronan Farrow also threatened to stop working with Hachette. Among other things, the publisher had Farrows bestseller Catch and kill published about the # MeToo movement and the ex-producer Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape.

In Germany too, controversy over memoirs

“In this weird time, when the truth is too often dismissed as fake news, we as publishers prefer to give a respected artist a voice than to kneel before those who want to silence him,” Editor Jeannette Seaver told People magazine.

There had also been protests in Germany against the publication of the book. Rowohlt-Verlag, which, like DIE ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE, belongs to the Holtzbrinck publishing group, decided to use Allen’s memoir under the title By the way to appear. The publisher announced that it wanted to give interested readers the opportunity to form an opinion.

Dylan Farrow’s allegations against Allen were investigated in two separate proceedings in the 1990s. The filmmaker was not indicted for lack of evidence to describe his adopted daughter, but lost custody of his daughter. In 2018, Farrow reiterated the allegations against Allen. Her brother Ronan and her mother, actress Mia Farrow, supported her. Allen has always rejected the allegations since 1992.


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