Siesta in the home office: lunch break in bed

Siesta in the home office: lunch break in bed

This interview belongs to the series of the most read texts on SPIEGEL +. It was first published in SPIEGEL WISSEN 04/2010.

MIRROR: Those who take an afternoon nap are considered lazy.

Zulley: Completely wrong, many famous people kept themselves fit through a short nap, including Goethe and Einstein. Churchill said: I take a day and a half from nap. He declared people who don’t have a siesta stupid.

MIRROR: Is the siesta a luxury?

Zulley: No, daytime sleep occurs practically in the entire animal kingdom, and people sleep almost all at noon when they have the opportunity. Or the courage.

MIRROR: How does daytime tiredness come about?

Zulley: This is rooted in biology. We fall into a low every four hours, and this is particularly pronounced around 1 p.m. Body temperature and attention decrease, sleep pressure increases. In China, there is even a constitutional right to “Xeu-Xi”. In Northern Europe, on the other hand, the nap fell into disrepute with industrialization, the lunch break was shortened so that the machines remained busy. It’s different in Japan, where employees are respected if they doze off in between because it shows that they worked hard.

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