Party executive wants to dissolve the “wing” | TIME ONLINE

Party executive wants to dissolve the "wing" | TIME ONLINE

The AfD board demands that the party group “The Wing” dissolve by the end of April. The protection of the constitution had recently classified the group around the Thuringian faction leader Björn Höcke as extreme right and announced his observation. As the party executive decided according to a spokesman with a large majority, the group should make a statement at its meeting that it will dissolve by April 30.

Accordingly, eleven board members voted for the decision, there was a no vote and an abstention. The no came according to information from the ARD capital studio of board member Andreas Kalbitz, who is also considered the chief strategist of the “wing”. Stephan Brandner, member of the Bundestag and “wing” supporter, abstained.

After several hours of deliberations, the submission had been brought in by party leaders Jörg Meuthen and Tino Chrupalla as well as board members Alice Weidel, Beatrix von Storch and Carsten Hütter. The discussion was overlaid by one mirror-Report of an account of the “wing” not specified in the party’s regular accounts.

The folk
 Group is a loose association of about 6,000 AfD members who
itself does not have its own membership structure, but rather through
regular meetings at regional and federal level manifested.
It determines the composition of AfD bodies when voting

Critics of the “wing” within the AfD fear that the entire party could soon be classified as a suspected case by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. They argue that since the “wing” has no formal membership, it is difficult to distinguish it from the entire party. Höcke also recently had the displeasure of several AfD officials with the statement that certain people should “gradually sweat out”.

Next to Höcke is Brandenburg AfD country chief Andreas Kalbitz, who too
is part of the federal executive board, the most important leader
. From the point of view of his critics, Kalbitz also has to prove that he was not previously a member of the now-forbidden German Youth (HDJ). He himself denies that. If membership could be proven, the party leadership could
 exclude from the party by resolution. Because the right-wing extremist group is on one List of organizationsthat make membership in the AfD impossible. So far, there is only one on Kalbitz’s membership mirror– Report that relies on an internal expert opinion from the protection of the constitution.

In the past few days, numerous West German AfD state associations have called for the federal executive to take measures against the “wing”. According to media reports, party circles have spoken of a wave of people leaving the country since being classified by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. In the AfD, civil servants, such as police officers who have taken an oath of service, are also committed to respecting the constitution. It could be problematic for them if they are in a party that is being monitored by the secret service.


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