• The novel corona virus continues to spread. In Germany, too, some people have already died as a result of the virus.
  • The
     Robert Koch Institute classifies the risk assessment for people as
    “high” one, according to their experts, the pandemic could be up to
    last two years. Virologists believe that as many as eleven million Germans could be infected within two months.
  • schools
     and day care centers are closed. The same number of shops that are not needed for the immediate supply of the population. Bars, clubs, museums, theaters and concert halls have also closed.
    Playgrounds may no longer be visited.
  • More and more politicians are calling for curfews in the Bavarian counties Wunsiedel and in the Upper Palatinate town of Mitterteich already exists.
  • Many countries in Europe have closed their borders. The EU prohibits most people from abroad from entering the country.
  • The corona virus can be a respiratory disease with high
    Raise a fever and lead to pneumonia. Young people and children can also get sick and have a moderate course. But the disease is fatal for only a few infected people.
  • The World Health Organization
    named the disease Covid-19, called the virus
    Sars-CoV-2. The most important questions and answers about the virus and the disease it causes can be read here.
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Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn does not expect a return to normal in the next few months. “It will go for many months rather than many weeks,” he said. “We have to be clear with each other in society.” Even if restrictions could be relaxed, certain groups would still need protection.

After Easter, after consulting with the Robert Koch Institute, you want to analyze where you stand. The effects of the general restrictions can be assessed in ten to 14 days. Unfortunately, he sees that the need for this has not yet reached all citizens.

Sphan also had one on Thursday Package of measures for the care sector presented. “It is our common goal that you stay healthy,” he said. Therefore, it is now a matter of relieving the care of any form of unnecessary bureaucracy.

So it should Maintenance TÜV suspended until the end of September and only carry out event-related tests in the event of reported abuses. In addition, the Care classification no longer physically, but assessed and decided by phone or video. The same applies to advice for caring relatives at home, the mandatory visits are suspended here. in the medical service the staff can be turned off without requiring an allowance.

The crowned heads of the world also withdraw from public life in the Corona crisis. Because those who otherwise shake hands eagerly and attend events are better off staying at home.

The British Queen Elizabeth II. (93) has canceled a trip to the Manchester area planned for March and a visit to the Camden district of London. The Queen’s famous garden parties are also canceled between May and July.

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito (60) and his wife Masako (56) have postponed their planned visit to the UK.

The Norwegian royal couple Sonja and Harald is even officially in quarantine. The two were recently in Jordan – and in Norway everyone returning from abroad has to be isolated for two weeks. But the royal couple is not sick.

The Bundeswehr is preparing to come to the rescue of the Corona crisis when the endurance of civilian forces comes to an end. “We are preparing for the worst case,” said Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at a press conference on Thursday afternoon. “In difficult times, citizens can rely on the Bundeswehr.” This will help as long as it is needed.