Israel: Benny Gantz elected President of Parliament

Israel: Benny Gantz elected President of Parliament

For the third time in a year, Israeli citizens elected a new parliament on March 2. Now there could be a grand coalition in the country: As several media reported unanimously, ex-military chief Benny Gantz has been elected as the new parliamentary president by the Mitte-Bündnis Blau-Weiß. Knesset MPs, as the Israeli parliament is called, gave him 74 out of 120 votes.

According to the reports, this should pave the way for a coalition with the right-wing religious bloc around Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud). Gantz’s blue-and-white alliance has broken apart in view of the new development, and only a part will join the future government.

Israeli television reported that Gantz could initially become foreign minister in a grand coalition with Netanyahu. Netanyahu should remain prime minister for a year and a half and then be replaced by Gantz in September next year. The departments of justice, business and defense should also go to blue and white.

Israel has been governed by a transitional government under Netanyahu since late 2018. On Monday of last week, Gantz received the order to form a government. Netanyahu had called for the formation of an emergency government with blue and white, referring to the coronavirus crisis.

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