India: Four men executed for raping a student

India: Four men executed for raping a student

Four men were executed in India because of the group rape of a student in December 2012. This was announced by the prison in New Delhi.

The 23-year-old medical student had been traveling with a male acquaintance after going to the cinema and got on a bus. However, it was not a regular bus: the driver and five men posing as passengers first knocked the student’s friend out with a metal bar. Then they raped and abused the young woman. She died of severe injuries two weeks later.

The case had sparked outrage in India and internationally. After the woman’s death, tens of thousands of people took to the streets across India nationwide. She became a symbol of the anger against politicians and police officers who did not care about the protection of women. In response to the December 2012 protests, India introduced quick courts to speedily sentence rapists. Less than two months after the act in New Delhi, the cabinet tightened the law on sexual offenses.

“It took time, but justice was finally created”

Four of the perpetrators have now been executed. Another perpetrator was a minor at the time and is now free; another was found dead in his prison cell.

Executions are rare in India – the last time a man died in 2015 was the man responsible for one of the worst terrorist attacks in Indian history in 1993, with more than 200 deaths and hundreds injured. After the current execution, the victim’s mother said, “It took time, but justice was finally achieved.” A large crowd had gathered in front of the prison. When the people learned that the execution had been carried out, they cheered.

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