Fit in isolation: Into the body, out of the head

Fit in isolation: Into the body, out of the head

After the first few days at home,
in the home office and in the office home, after too much time in the social pasta and
Toilet paper media and after eating too much, because cooking is a so-called
Bringing structure to your day, you know two things: We are fine. Very good

But the hat string will
shorter and the worry list longer. Who has no concentration right now
to script the next big project into an uncertain future, whoever is
so has time or at least the opportunity to buy a little time
he should take care of himself. Not just the body, but also the mind and what they are
most people call soul. With mindfulness and emotional fitness too
Remaining mentally healthy – these are the challenges of the time. Here it goes
long – please follow us on the fitness trail of living in the living room: into the
Body, get out of your head.


That dancing
has been in a good mood, we have known since the cloth dance in kindergarten. Who is there
want to develop now is with the Steezy app well advised. For the
virtual dance school with well-known coaches from the fields of hip-hop and urban
Dance, Krump, Dancehall or Heels / Jazz Funk there is a seven-day
free membership and lots of offers from warm-up to
whole routines. In the international dance language, English, the individual judge
Classes of dancers in different levels of experience. There are
different camera views, slow motion and the ability to be on the screen next to
to dance to the teachers. Also included in the program: motivating praise.

German language dance training can be found on the Berlin website
Dance school Flying Steps Academy. There is one every other day at nine o’clock
new tutorial, also for individual song choreographies. Parents can also
Children and teenagers join in for robust home credibility. And
maybe you will become part of the social media trend
Kitchen dance video.

Dance teacher Nikeata Thompson posted on Instagram an own
Choreography developed that everyone can dance from home. The
#Stayhomedancechallenge – it also offers additional workouts.

If you prefer freestyle,
should the side of look at. There is in
Cooperation with Arte Concert streamed live from various Berlin clubs,
in which well-known and lesser known DJs in front of cameras instead of an audience
hang up. The initiative tries to collect donations for the clubs that
all income is currently going to flute. There is often very good dance material here.
And if you watch live, half the world is dancing too. There are fresh streams
several irregular days a week between 7 p.m. and midnight.


Anyone in the living room
want to do a little yoga, know, of course there are many offers. Is
yes, currently the biggest collective hobby right after cooking. Many people
swear by it Adriene Mishler, the friendly Texan, and her dog Benji. It is not
Insider tip, but a star, whose supporters often claim them
would have changed life. Divided by topics like morning yoga,
Exercises for beginners or for busy people can be found in countless videos
choose in different lengths. Your self-irony and kindness helps
even yoga skeptics on the mat.

Who, however, a German
Instructions is preferred, it could be at Mady
to attempt. Talks a lot, is
but therefore also promoting efficiency. Again, you can choose between different
Choose topics and lengths.

Who prefers an app: The Yoga for Beginners app is like all other fitness apps of the
Provider free of charge until April 1st due to Corona. (Apple store/Google Play


Anyone with yoga
busy, of course, is also breathing quickly. “Always nice and deep
take a deep breath! “is a piece of advice that quickly goes in one ear and then
to leave the head quickly through the other. But people who are right
breathe consciously, swear by it. Practicing this is the easiest muscle training
that you can imagine. Without sweating. And it should also go against
Fears help. It is not necessary to consciously take every train, but it is
notice that you breathe into your chest rather than your stomach, and how
it can be comforting to do it differently. For starters
it this Video
with the mindfulness trainer Angela Homfeldt
that in a few minutes
Principle of coping with stress demonstrated by abdominal breathing.

If you want something a little more demanding,
but still want to do very light breathing exercises, can be found here Instructions from the lip brake to the coach seat.

Those who prefer to be more conscious via the app
breathes and, for example, wants to visualize your own breath, be that App Breathe + (€ 2.29) recommended. There you will be on the screen with colored ones
Air waves are guided to breathe and can be simple and simple sessions
put together quickly. Also works with different tones, from sitar to


The very quiet sitting and very
Breathing calmly has been beyond the religions that practice it
quite popular to increase creativity, improve sleep, and
to bring a little peace of mind. You should do it every day, but at the beginning
just a couple of minutes. There are various apps for this. Headspace is probably that
Most famous. It is particularly popular with people with little time and lots of ideas
and should teach to be in the so-called here and now and maybe sometimes
to think of nothing. The basic course is free. If you subscribe (from € 4.99 a month), you get even more
guided meditations, small exercises, a 10-day beginners course and
Sleep aids. (Apple store/Google Play Store)

Insight Timer is one too
widely used meditation app. It advertises with 20,000 guided meditations and
Moby music. And working with psychologists, scientists and
well-known meditation teachers like Jack Kornfield. Both providers have German
Meditations. Insight Timer is free, just a few premium extensions
cost money. But are not absolutely necessary. (Apple store/Google Play Store)

But there are also some
Podcasts like the one from the American Tara Brach,
which is also included in the Insight Timer app and whose instructions are more for
who are spiritually more advanced. (Spotify)


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