Exit restriction law is already in place TIME ONLINE

Exit restriction law is already in place TIME ONLINE

On Saturday, the Berlin Senate again decided on more far-reaching measures against the spread of the corona virus. As of this Sunday, cafes and restaurants are no longer allowed to open during the day, Events and meetings with more than ten people may no longer take place.

Previously, restaurants could open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., but not in the evening. “However, you may offer food and beverages for collection or delivery. For collection, also by delivery services, suitable precautions must be taken for hygiene, to control access and to avoid queues,” said the Senate on Saturday.

The further measures are needed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, said Berlin Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD): “Each and every one of us must act independently and observe and implement these regulations.” Social contacts should be restricted. “We will discuss further steps together with the federal and state governments tomorrow and also coordinate with Brandenburg.”

“Anyone who is still sitting tightly in the group in the café hasn’t heard the shot,” Economic Senator Ramona Pop (Greens) told Tagesspiegel. “Anyone who only thinks of themselves and disregards the rules only provokes drastic measures.”

Further anti-coronavirus measures are already being planned

Such further steps are already in concrete preparation: In a bill by Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD), the Daily mirror so-called “exit restrictions” are provided. According to this, people “have to stay in their home or their usual accommodation”.

Emergency workers, members of the public administration and political officials and mandates are exempt from this. But short walks and “individual sports activities alone” or “with people who live in the same household” should continue to be allowed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will discuss the next steps together with the prime ministers of the federal states on Sunday afternoon. Müller had repeatedly made it clear that he would like to have federal regulations. The Senate meets with Merkel on Sunday immediately after the meeting – and will then probably decide on the next measures.

On Saturday in Berlin, it seemed as if the urgent appeals of the week had reached most of the citizens. With ice-cold winds and maximum temperatures of no more than 7 degrees, there were significantly fewer people in the parks and on the streets than in the past few days, and the mood was strangely depressed.

Corona virus notices at stores

In many shops there are now signs that customers should keep their distance, often long lines with large distances between the waiting. According to Ramona Pop, this also has an impact on local public transport: “The buses and trains are emptier, the BVG recently had almost 60 percent fewer passengers than on a comparable day of operation,” said Pop.

The police showed good hope on Saturday that the new rules would be taken increasingly seriously.

Twenty-six criminal charges were filed on Saturday night, and 90 on Friday night. At night, it is mainly restaurants and pubs that are checked, but also the late purchase, which is allowed to open but does not put chairs out. Most of those addressed were insightful, the police say.

On Saturday, however, the weekly markets were very busy, which are part of the supply and therefore, like late-night stores, are still allowed to open according to the new rules.


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