Corona pandemic: London closes dozens of tube stations

Corona pandemic: London closes dozens of tube stations

According to the public transport authorities, up to 40 stations are to be closed: To reduce the risk of infection with the novel corona virus, parts of the London underground have been shut down. Traffic with buses is also restricted due to the pandemic.

The Sars CoV-2 virus spreads faster in the metropolis than in other regions of Great Britain. It is expected that the capital could be declared a restricted zone in the next few days. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had not ruled this out at a press conference on demand.

Johnson has asked his government to draw up plans for a “lockdown” that includes closing down businesses, reducing traffic, restricting gatherings, and tightening controls on the metropolitan population. Johnson: “We have always said that we will take the right measures at the right time.”

Schools only closed after protest

St James’s Park, Hyde Park Corner and Covent Garden, among others, are affected by the closings on the famous tube tube, such as the “Guardian“With reference to the transport company. The Waterloo and City lines, which serve the financial district of the capital, are also to be closed from Friday, and the night connections at the weekend are also affected by the restrictions.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan had warned the residents of his city to stay at home. “Under no circumstances should people travel unless it has to be really, really.” So far, there are 2,626 confirmed Sars-CoV-2 infections in the UK, and at least 104 people have died from the resulting Covid-19 disease.

After a long hesitation in the country, Great Britain has now taken drastic steps in the fight against the spread of the virus. Prime Minister Johnson announced on Wednesday that the schools in the country would be closed after heavy criticism. Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth had agreed to postpone a planned state visit by the Japanese emperor Naruhito.

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