Corona curfews – Helge Braun (CDU): “Saturday is a crucial day, we have a particular eye on it”

Corona curfews - Helge Braun (CDU): "Saturday is a crucial day, we have a particular eye on it"

MIRROR: Mr. Braun, the number of people infected with corona continues to grow, and many people do not abide by the restrictions that the government has decided. Is the curfew now coming?

Brown: First of all, we make sure that the population understands the measures and is ready to limit their social life. And when we look at neighboring countries that have already imposed curfews, it becomes clear that that would be an enormous additional burden. Very few, especially in cities, have a garden or a large property. We therefore call on everyone to take the measures decided to date to heart and to implement them. And that means, apart from the nuclear family, to avoid all social contacts if possible.

MIRROR: Despite the calls, there were still people out in public parks this week who got drunk together or picnic in groups. What do you think when you see such pictures?

Brown: The regulatory authorities and the police have to take action. Such unnecessary assemblies must be dissolved. Incidentally, this is already possible without curfew.

MIRROR: Do we correctly understand the Chancellor’s speech this week as a final warning before the curfew comes?

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