Corona crisis: EU Commission recommends ranking in virus tests

Corona crisis: EU Commission recommends ranking in virus tests

The EU Commission has recommended that tests for the novel corona virus be carried out in a strict order. The commission generally rated drive-in test stations positively. In her writing The Brussels authority emphasized that timely and correct testing is crucial in the fight against lung disease Covid-19. This is the basis for decisions to contain the pandemic and to treat patients.

The EU states should test according to the following plan, it said in the recommendation.

  • Clinical patients with severe respiratory infections should be tested with the highest priority, so that hospitals can take appropriate hygiene and protective measures if the affected person has Covid-19.

  • Clinical patients with acute respiratory infections have the second highest priority. This also applies to healthcare workers, even if they have only mild symptoms. This also serves to protect all patients in clinics and medical staff from infection.

  • In third place are patients with acute respiratory diseases and flu-like symptoms that are not in the hospital. This is to help determine how much the virus is circulating in the population.

  • The following is a group for which Covid-19 poses a particularly high risk: older people with chronic diseases. They should be tested if they show signs of a respiratory infection because they need ventilation more often and more often if they develop Covid-19.

  • The fifth group should only be tested if the epidemic is local and the necessary resources are available. These are all patients with respiratory infections. Symptom-free people who have been in contact with infected people can also be tested in this context.

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