And now security for homeschooling, please | TIME ONLINE

And now security for homeschooling, please | TIME ONLINE

In the past few days, it looked as if all 16 ministers of culture had been infected by the virus of small-scale farming, which was rampant in Europe. It was astonishing to hear a wide variety of suggestions for dealing with the upcoming Abitur exams: some wanted to postpone the exam date, and even Schleswig-Holstein came up with the suggestion to cancel the Abitur altogether. All of this happened while the students: inside Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate were already in the middle of their Abitur.

The impending patchwork was turned away only at the last minute. The Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) has decided that all high school exams, the further exams will take place in the tenth grade of all school types as well as at the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

This is a good sign in several respects: It gives the high school graduates the necessary security and thus an important motivation boost. They should be able to use both very well in this preparation phase, which is very stressful due to the corona pandemic.

They also now know that they will not take a flawed emergency degree that could have a negative impact on subsequent application phases for studying or vocational training – especially in the competitive situation with last year and the following graduates. In spite of the unusual circumstances, the end of her schooling gets a little normal – this gives support and orientation.

The right decision

The Ministers of Education also showed that they are still serious about their KMK voluntary coordination committee and that they can make sound decisions despite the preliminary skirmishes. Anything else would have been more than a special staircase joke in all the votes in recent years in order to achieve comparability of educational qualifications. One that would have further encouraged populist tendencies.

The KMK also emphasizes that this year’s degrees are mutually recognized regardless of how they came about. An important aspect that emphasizes the special circumstances under which the upcoming exams will be written. Because you have to be aware that in times when government agencies run for a maximum of fourteen days, young people strive for an education that will accompany them throughout their lives. That is why it is important that the state shows that every effort is being made to maintain continuity and that society also works in solidarity to ensure that this succeeds.


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