AfD: “Wing” apparently used black till

AfD: "Wing" apparently used black till

The right-wing extremist “wing” of the AfD apparently used a black till to process donations. This emerges from the opinion of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which is the basis for the permanent observation of the “wing”. According to information from SPIEGEL, it is specifically about an account with the Deutsche Kreditbank that did not appear in the party’s regular accounts. According to the protection of the constitution, the account holder was the AfD member of the Bundestag, Frank Pasemann. Donations for the “wing” are said to have been received in the account from June 2018 to August 2019.

The intelligence agency’s findings came from the customs’ financial intelligence unit “Financial Intelligence Unit”, which reported 69 account movements: in addition to “various individual donations to the ‘wing'”, there were also transfers from AfD politicians such as Björn Höcke, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, Thorsten Weiß, Paul Traxl, Christina Baum, Christian Blex and Oliver Kirchner. All payments were donations to the “wing” according to the intended use. In addition, member numbers were sometimes given (“Donation The Wing member number 10”).

In one case, according to the report, be conservative on the association! have been referred. Pasemann acts as treasurer there. The new right-wing publisher Götz Kubitschek is also the alleged sponsor of the “wing”. According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Pasemann is said to have paid 500 euros into the account, with the subject “Donation Gotz Kubitschek”.

Supposedly only collected donations for an association – not for the party

Kubitschek left an inquiry about the donation unanswered, and the AfD politicians named in the report did not comment. Pasemann’s lawyer says that no donations for the “wing” have been collected through the account, but only money for the “non-party association” Conservative !. Therefore, the donations are not recorded in the AfD accountability report. However, Pasemann’s bank details were given as a donation account on the “Wing” website for months. The reasons for this, he says, are unknown to Pasemann.

The AfD had to pay dearly for the cash management of the “Flügel”: In connection with the financing of a “Flügel” meeting in 2017, the Bundestag administration imposed a fine of around 34,000 euros. On the role of the Conservative Association! the authority has started inspections.

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