80 recordings of the extreme right scene on the index TIME ONLINE

80 recordings of the extreme right scene on the index TIME ONLINE

Last year, according to a report by the Neue Berliner Redaktionsgesellschaft (NBR), a record number is on Sound carriers the extreme right-wing scene has been classified as harmful to young people. The NBR quotes from a response from the federal government to a request from the FDP parliamentary group. Accordingly, the Federal Test Center for Media Harmful to Young People put 80 sound publications on the index due to the glorification or trivialization of National Socialism and war as well as incentives to racism and anti-Semitism.

In 2018 there were 69 such recordings. The right-wing extremist scene is increasingly trying to dock on music in the youth culture scene, said the Federal government according to the newspaper report with. According to counts by the security authorities, there are around 150 bands and 60 solo performers in the right-wing extremist music spectrum nationwide. They tried more and more to get involved in genres like hip-hop or rap, which are actually alien to the scene.

“With aggressive, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic texts, these bands popularize right-wing extremist argumentation patterns and attitudes,” the NBR quoted from the government’s comments on the FDP request.

As the answer goes on, two members of the band “firing squad” had contact with the now banned neo-Nazi group “Combat 18”. “Neo-Nazi music groups and their concerts have an important binding function for the extreme right-wing scene,” said FDP interior politician Benjamin Strasser. Since they are also used to recruit new followers and collect money for the scene, the pressure to persecute must be increased – for example, by prohibiting the marketing of indexed titles or making concerts more difficult.


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